NEET Result 2017: CBSE yet to notify NEET 2017 Result revised declaration date on,

NEET Result 2017: CBSE yet to notify NEET 2017 Result revised declaration date on,

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has yet to notify the new date of the declaration of eligibility and proof of entry of a national NEET result of 2017. Once declared, candidates can check their NEET Score score in cbseresults . and

The official results of the government on results had already reported that the results were reported on Tuesday, June 20. However, the notice was subsequently withdrawn.

An NDTV report cited a responsible CBSE board saying that the outcome was the date to be finalized and will soon be confirmed.

Last week, the Supreme Court had canceled a Madras Supreme Court order that the statement of results was maintained and ordered CBSE declared the NEET result late from June 26, 2017

Waiting for the results was long for the students. The results were previously scheduled to be declared on 8 June, but were delayed after the Supreme Court of Madras has suspended the statement of a motive based on a lack of uniformity in the issues paper.

In addition to putting aside the order of Madras HC, the Apex Court also ordered other higher courts not to submit to any inquiry in NEET 2017.

A total of 11,33890 students are enrolled in the NEET exam, conducted in 10 different languages ​​at 1921 exam centers this year. This includes 1,522 NRI, 480 OCI, 70 PIO and 613 foreign students.

Here’s how candidates can check their score:

> Websites or blog

> Click NEET CBSE Result for 2017. The system will take you to another page.

> Enter important information such as application number, route number and date of birth

> The result is displayed on the screen. Do not forget to save a copy and print for future reference.

The NEET CBSE score 2017 occurs after much delay, causing serious anxiety for lakhs students. Here is a calendar of events that led to the delay in the statement:

The NEET Common Entrance exam, launched in 2013 to end multiple access tests for admissions for undergraduate medical examinations such as MBBS and BDS was conducted on May 7 this year. Results should be released on June 8

> On May 24, the Madurai Supreme Court court in Madras has continued the process of NEET Outcome 2017 until June 7, in response to a written request by a group of students Madurai requests the cancellation of NEET 2017. Alleging question papers in English, Hindi and other 10 local languages, including Tamil, was simpler in some states over others, students have applied for annulment of the review and reconsideration.

> CBSE said the decision to adjust documents in different languages ​​was a safety measure to avoid repeating the full review if a particular document was leaked.

While the apex cut was initially not appealed by the CBSE, it later acceded when General Prosecutor General Maninder Singh requested an urgent hearing. He expressed concern about the delay in reporting the results of the anxiety that causes 2,017 NEET to students and adds the already established product schedule of Degree – MBBS and BDS – in private medical medicine faculties.

> On Monday, the holiday bank SC – Justice Prafulla C. Pant and Justice Deepak Gupta – left the HC order and also bans the highest courts in the country to receive a request for NEET results in 2017, stating: The higher courts should not have interfered because it affects the admission schedule. ”

> SC also examine whether it is necessary to standardize the English language and vernacular themes of NEET.

> This year 11,38,890 students appeared for total exams NEET 2017 for 65,000 seats in MBBS and 25,000 seats in SDE. Of these students, 1,522 were nonresident Indians and 613 were foreigners.

Meanwhile, the Bihar School Examination Board (reproductive examination) will likely declare the outcome of the Biyo Board of Biology Board at Bihar at 11 o’clock on June 22, according to reports.

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