Kamal Haasan: Tamil Nadu politics can change and I want to bring about that change

Leaving its biggest clue to joining politics, the Mega-Kamal Haasan said he wanted to start the “change” process in Tamil Nadu politics.

“Tamil Nadu’s politics can change and I want to bring about this change, no matter how slowly,” said the 62-year-old actor at The Quint on Thursday.
Haasan said he did not “promise quick remedies.” “But I promise to start the process of change,” he said.

Haasan was ambiguous for electoral ambitions. “Do not vote for me and wait five years for me to vote, let me know if I do not deliver,” he said.
The actor said that corruption in politics would be his main advice. “Either I go, or corruption in politics, we can not have both,” he said.

However, he said that no existing political party was in line with its ideology. “A political party is an ideology, and I do not think my political goals can match the ideology of a political party,” he said.

Reports suggest that Haasan, who has often criticized Tamil Nadu’s two main parties – the AIADMK and the DMK – could soon float a new political party.

However, Haasan should be in contact with the secretary general of the JPC, Sitaram Yechury. Earlier this week, the left said it planned to invite the popular star to a session at its mega congress scheduled for next year in Hyderabad.

The actor met with Kerala Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who is also a member of the CPM for the politburo, earlier this month in what was described by the party as a courtesy call.
“I can tell you one thing, my color is certainly not saffron. Most leftists are my heroes,” Haasan said after meeting with Vijayan.

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