Follow Vajpayee’s legacy of rashtra dharm, says Kovind

Summoning the ideology of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to lead the whole world with a push in the culture composed independently of religion, President Ram Nath Kovind said that “rashtra dharm” was above all else.
Whether his party is in power or not, Vajpayee never committed himself to the country’s interest, Kovind said.
During his first visit to the city, President Kovind was heading to a mass reception program organized by the UP government on Thursday to Indira Gandhi Pratisthan. On Friday, the president will launch the national campaign “Swachhata Hi Sewa” from the village of Iswariganj in Kanpur.
In his 20-minute expiration speech, Kovind said every citizen of the country had a role in building the nation.
“Photographers, videographers, outside police … and even those who work outside the bathroom, everyone has the role of building the nation,” said Kovind, adding that the only thing needed was self-realization of each individual on their role and duty to the nation.
Kovind said his state of residence and if he did not come here, neither those nor those in the meeting would be happy.
Referring to the speech by Governor Ram Naik in which he said that for the first time the president and the prime minister came from UP, Kovind said that in a democratic process even an impossibility becomes a possibility. Recalling the rich political and cultural heritage of the state, the President also invoked Lord Ram and Lord Krishna – declared in his concern to serve humanity, presented great ideals – and religious places such as Ayodhya and Varanasi.
In invoking Lord Buddha, Kovind said that the father of the Constitution BR Ambedkar followed his teachings to include the welfare of the people as a priority in the Constitution. Previously, Chief Minister Aditya Nath Yogi presented an idol of Lord Buddha to Kovind on behalf of the people of the state. In elaborating the principle of the Constitutions, Kovind stated that he understood the fundamental rights and duties of the people. Eleven people perform fundamental tasks, all human negativities will become tiny, said the president.
In recording the qualities of the state, Kovind also stated that as a student, I studied that the Taj Mahal is part of the wonders of the world. “The good part is that even the Taj Mahal is in Uttar Pradesh,” he said.
The president also mentioned the Chilean work of Lucknow and the label “pehle aap”, which I interpreted as a call to all actors towards social development.
At the end of his speech, the president said that UP had a very rich political legacy.
“There could be ideological differences, but they all have one purpose: the development of Uttar Pradesh.” The development of the UP is associated with the development of the country, “said the president.

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