AIADMK crisis: Madras HC stays floor test until September 20

With the unified AIADMK leadership group still below the 117 majority, the Madras Supreme Court suspended a land test at the Tamil Nadu Assembly on Thursday. The court heard a motion of the DMK Opposition in the request for instructions to Governor Vidyasagar Rao to take immediate steps to conduct a floor test.

The DMK has expressed concern that the President may disqualify 19 deputies affiliated with the deposed AIADMK chief T T V Dinakaran if the test is not required immediately. He said that such a move would encourage the leading group under Prime Minister E Palaniswami because the number of members required to prove most of his government would be abandoned.

On Thursday morning, Judge M Duraisawamy asked the Advocate General to obtain instructions from the President on the matter. Later, the government lawyer argued that the President was not in a position to make a statement before the courts and that he exercised his constitutional authority on the matter.

“When the president is not ready to talk about the disqualification procedure, there is nothing wrong to remain on the ground until the General Council obtains instructions from the governor,” said Judge Duraiswamy.
He appears in DMK chief advisor Kapil Sibal said the government was trying to manipulate the majority minority in the House to take measures to disqualify the 19 rebel deputies.

The argument that any delay in driving the floor probe to negotiate the horses, the application filed by DMK chairman MK Stalin said the governor “abdicating his constitutional obligations clearly works together with the party and deliberately delaying the vote in trust. ”

The defense stated: “It is clear that in the interregnum, the minority government uses various tactics to ensure that if a vote of confidence is requested, the majority is tested by eliminating parliamentarians who oppose a vote of confidence. Those facts would demonstrate how a deliberate attempt is being made to delay a soil test to help the minority government keep it in power. ”

Promotion has said in the House of 234 deputies without confidence in the government added to 119, including 89 members of the DMK, eight Congress, one MLA of IUML and 21 members of the Dinakaran camp. “This gap, many more deputies who had voted earlier in support of the Prime Minister also began to withdraw their support,” Stalin said.

In Delhi, on the other hand, the Dinakaran faction went to the Election Commission, saying the general assembly council called by AIADMK Palaniswami and decisions, including dismissal of Sasikala as secretary general, were invalid.

A group of deputies and deputies alleged that the Dinakaran faction told the Chief Commissioner of Elections and electoral commissioners that according to AIADMK laws, a meeting of the general meeting may be convened by the secretary general or a person authorized by the head of the superior office.

The two-day meeting in Chennai also canceled all Sasikala commitments and decisions as party leader between December 30, 2016 and February 15, 2017, including the appointment of Dinakaran as Deputy Secretary-General.

Vijila Sathyanath, a Rajya Sabha MP, told The Indian Express that the delegation was asking the EC not to accept the decisions taken at the meeting. “According to party regulations, only the Secretary-General may convene the meeting, or a fifth of the members should contact the Secretary-General to convene a meeting.” None of these procedures have been followed, “he said.

The meeting with the EC is considered a preventive scrutiny whereas the unified AIADMK group should address the Commission, citing the agreements adopted at the meeting to require election symbol two sheets of the party in conflict.

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